Our building will have a new gas supply system which is obtained from a complex process of PET plastic which is 100% recycled, with this the AGUCATE complex will be providing clean fuels that contribute to the conservation of nature and contribute to the culture of recycling and reuse


Private Security

There will be private security 24 hours a day, this will guarantee a pleasant and safe environment inside and outside the building.


We will have a completely comfortable and equipped space for all those people who need to work during their stay, in turn, they will be able to enjoy high-speed WIFI to facilitate work, connection and navigation processes at all times.


We will provide you with personalized service and support at all times to make your stay in our complex enjoyable.

General Finishes In Apartments

  • Chukum

    Each apartment will have flattened chukum walls with pigment in gray tones, the chukum is an ancestral material typical of the region, resistant and waterproof of great duration with a luxurious appearance, the floor will receive the same treatment to give it greater durability and appearance of quality.

  • Polished Concrete

    In the ceiling we will have the presence of polished concrete to generate a contrast of colors and textures that generate the perfect combination to give a mystical atmosphere to each space.

  • Tzalam Wood

    The carpentry will be made of tzalam wood, tropical wood from the region, its color and texture will blend perfectly with the other materials generating a very pleasant atmosphere.

Equipment and Automation

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning
Each department will be equipped with at least one mini Split with a capacity of one ton.

Smart Home

Smart Home

Each department will have an Alexa Echo Dot system that will allow the majority of equipment within the department to be managed automatically by voice commands.

Sound System

Sound System
Each department will have a MARSHALL portable sound system.

Intelligent Lights

Intelligent Lights
The lights inside the building can be controlled through your cell phone, you can regulate the intensity of the light and even change its color to create special environments.
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